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Today I was browsing Twitter to see that Wp1stop has released a wordpress car dealership inventory plugin.  This plugin makes easy use of wordpress custom fields to allow users to easily enter the vehicle data directly within a post.  Having the ability for car dealers to easily add their vehicle descriptions within wordpress streamlines the process of entering vehicle data.

In the above screenshot you can see all of the fields built right into the post edit feature of wordpress.  This is a welcome step forward for the auto dealer industry.  Most wordpress auto dealership websites have had to have a programmer customize it for them.  The ability is now at everyone’s fingertips to easily manage car dealership easily from within wordpress.  Some great uses right off the top of my head is for cleaning companies, finance companies, repossession companies, and people like myself.  I plan on using this plugin to showcase the different auto detailing packages that my clients received along with a picture of the finished vehicle.  This can be used for an infinite amount of applications.

The car dealer plugin is easily inserted into any post by using the shortag [ cardealer ].  By inserting this shortcode into your post/page wordpress automatically knows to insert the code that the plugin produces.  Wp1stop could not have made this any easier.

The release of this wordpress plugin for car dealerships is a welcome step in the right direction.  Until now there have not been many plugins created for auto dealerships.  Some features we would like to see in the future are an integrated inventory system.  Maybe adding a panel in the backend that would show your current stats such as # of makes, # of models and how many of each category. Right now the plugin is simple, yet powerful and effective.  The best part about it is it’s free.  I am sure as features are added to the auto dealer plug so will price.

There are many different applications that this plugin can be modified to fit.  Not only care dealerships can benefit from this plugin. By changing the names of the custom fields it inserts a wide variety of functions can be performed.  The plugin is free and available for download directly from Wp1stop.  Click here to download the plugin and test drive it.  I highly recommend pairing this great auto dealer plugin with a premium auto dealer wordpress theme from Pohl Media.

I encourage everyone to download and test drive this plugin.  The creativity that can be used with it is endless, remember that you don’t have to be a car dealership to utilize this wordpress plugin.  This is a welcome step forward in wordpress development for auto dealerships.  Dealers should definitely look into using this automotive plugin with a wordpress based CMS.  Doing so will allow easy management of content.  If you decide to download the plugin and use it please let me know what you think of it, and provide feedback.  Gainesville Detailing always welcomes comments on the content provided.  We strive to stay on top of current wordpress trends and we wanted to be the first to let you know of this great auto dealership plugin for wordpress.  Thank you for reading.

  1. Te Car Dealer WordPress Theme with the Car Dealer Plugin is a GREAT IDEA and I was really interested in purchasing the template / plugin combo, but the dude’s voicemail is full and he only accepts PayPal.

  2. Well It seems simple but I will be darned if I can get the plugin to work. I liked the simplicity of the plugin too.

    Do we also have to be using the Get Custom Field Values plugin?

    If not what in the world am I doing wrong?

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Well what do you know. I did have to use the other plugin to get it to work and then had to place them correctly. Woo hoo it works.

  4. We’re using that plugin on our site and it’s working very well. Much thanks to the developers.

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